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Internet Marketing Currency Converter

When we sell on the internet, our customers could live anywhere in the world. Usually we give a price in our own currency and customers from other countries have to convert that price to something meaningful to them.

But guess what? By asking our customers to do those calculations, we give them a reason to leave our website and lose interest in our product. In short, we lose sales.

So today I created a script to generate a link so customers can easily convert a product's price to any currency without leaving our website. The following variables can be customized: product name, price, and starting currency.

To generate a link to your customized currency converter, just fill out the form below and click on Generate Code button.
Name of Product:
Link Text:
Price: (Enter numbers and decimal points only)
Starting Currency: (Currency for the price above)
The following code can be cut and pasted to wherever you want your link to appear.

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You may use it freely on any personal or commercial website that does not condone or promote pornography, hate, violence or other bad stuff.